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hubbabubba from Greater London,United Kingdom
hubbabubba from Greater London,United Kingdom
Nickname: Hubbabubba
Country:United Kingdom
Province:Greater London
Hair color:Red
Eye color:Brown
Height:165 cm / 5' 5"
Weight:62 Kg / 9 stone 11
Smoker:On occasion

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I've been dreaming to get off with a bloke who has soft and very kissable lips and who also has great kissing skills. I have never been with a bloke who is so good at kissing to the point that he made me let out a slight moan. And TBH, almost all the blokes that I kissed before are either biting my lips too hard or using their tongues more often than necessary. So, it would be really great if I'm able to find someone who has outstanding skills in kissing.


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