Joint77's profile

Nickname: Joint77
Country:United Kingdom
Province:Greater London
Hair color:Dark
Eye color:Brown
Height:144 cm / 4' 9"
Weight:48 Kg / 7 stone 8


Im looking for an honest, trusting, respected and most.... loving relationship which will follow marriage. Not into one night hook-ups. As i want to build my love life for a never-ending cycle. I want to grow old with my for ever love. I don't mind kids. But i already had mine, who are all grown up.... hoping for respect on both parties. As it wont be a family affair.... but yet family time would be nice. Any way..... it would be nice to find a new love. To share the best of both worlds through long distance relationship . To me distance is not a hindrance in a relationship for me and it's just the test of time and how you are going to survive in that situation. TRUST, LOVE